Friday, December 26, 2014

Date A Live

        I have just finished watching the first season to Date A Live. I'm disappointed though because I was using Youtube and the only Date A Live 2 episode 1 there is messes up in the first two minutes!
If you want to watch Date A Live 2, then go to AnimeSeason!

     Date A Live is about a boy named Shido and his sister Kotori. They encounter Spirits and other important characters along the next couple of months. Here are only a few main characters:

  • Tohka
  • Yoshino
  • Origami
  • Yoshinon
  • Mana
  • Efreet

     He has to date ALL of the Spirits. His life becomes chaotic! If you want to watch it go to an anime website and look up Date A Live. Tell me what you think! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Sorry that I haven't posted much lately (my dad came out), BUT.............. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navida, Merīkurisumasu, etc. etc. How was your guys Christmas? What did you get?

My presents:
  • Insanity(book)
  • Make-up
  • Nail Polish
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • Hair ties
  • Toasted Sugar lotion and perfume
  • IPod 2nd generation
  • $25 Itunes gift card
  • Purple KOSS headphones
  • Steelers bear and blanket

It was fun. My dad came out. Today he is cooking lasagna. For breakfast, he made bacon and eggs. Yummmy!

I have been listening to Vocaloid, Nightcore, S3RL, and MMD and watching Date A Live and Trinity Seven over Christmas break

Comment what you did

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Knitting a Hat

I have to write a report about something I am good at. I am good at knitting a hat, if you can think of anything that should be added or taken out comment and I will do it. Here is my report:

      In knitting a hat, you must be very precise or else it will not come out the way you want it to. I have knitted for 3 years. Currently I am knitting my best friends, Steven, a black hat for Christmas because he is special to me. You only need four materials. All you need is yarn, a loom, a loom hook, and scissors. The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. After that, you need to tie the end of the yarn to the end portion of the loom that sticks out. When you finish this step, you are going to wrap the yarn around the hooks of the loom. Repeat the last step. You then take the bottom yarn and use the hook to bring it over the top yarn. After that, you push the yarn down. You then repeat steps 4-6. You continue to do this until you get to a decent length. You cut that end of the yarn and grab a different color. You have to tie that color yarn around the end portion of the loom like you did with the yarn beforehand. You wrap the yarn around the loom as you did to the previous yarn. Repeat steps 4-6 like earlier. When you are at a decent length cut the yarn. Cut a longer piece of yarn and tie it around the top part. Take both of the yarns that are tied to the end of the loom and take it off. Then you will have a new hat. If you want to make a design on the hat, you will need to crochet and sew it on. You can buy all this material for under $20 at a local store. Have you ever knitted something before? If not, try this activity I am sure you will be great at this. You will have a lot of fun. Merry Christmas and happy New Year! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Friends

    Many people say a guy and a girl can't be best friends;I disagree. My best friend is a guy. I know more about him than I know about my best girly friend. He is only 314 days older than me and he works out and fixes bikes . My girl best friend is 46 days older than me and plays sports and dances. From here on out in my articles I am going to call him S and her K. S listens to stuff like Iron Maiden and ACDC, while K listens to Pentatonix. S and I have 2 classes together, I also have 2 classes with K. They both know how to keep a secret. I used to have a MAJOR crush on S, and when I told him we became even closer friends, but not a couple. S and I hang out so much that his guy friends thinks he is my pet. We have to keep reminding them that he is my BEST FRIEND. K doesn't like when  I refer to him as my best friend because she considers herself my BFF. S and I met in U.S. History 8 last year he was sweet and always let me play with his hair. I met K in AVID 8, but I didn't talk to her until the second week of school. Who is your girl best friend and guy best friend? Comment how you guys became BFFs  

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Big Hero 6


Saturday, November 29th, 2014 I went across the street to the Smith Ranch Drive-In. They play two shows. That week it was Big Hero 6 and St. Vincent.

Big Hero 6 starts off at a bot-fight. Hiro (14) graduated high school at 13 and tricks people into thinking he has never fought before. He tricks the wrong people, but luckily his brother Tadashi shows up to save him. They get caught by the cops though. Their Aunt Margret has to pick them up and goes on and on about not being a good Godmother.  Tadashi takes Hiro to his college and Hiro falls in love with the school. Hiro gets accepted after his presentation. Tadashi dies even though Hiro tries to convince him not to go save the professor. Hiro and his new college friends go on an adventure with Baymax, a balloon robot Tadashi built. Watch as they go on their adventure in BIG HERO 6!!!